Erich Magnetics

Circular Lifting Magnet

We are involved in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of heavy-duty Circular Lifting Magnet. It is extremely convenient and economical. It is used for handling different kinds of scrap such as pig-iron, steel turnings, ingots, slab, cut-pieces of plates, channel beams, etc. The lifting capacity of the magnet depends upon the size of the magnet, shape and size and typical bulk density of scrap material, and various other factors. We make available Circular Lifting Magnet at very affordable rates.


Magnet Body : The Magnet body is designed so as to generate optimum magnetic field and at the same time to provide the most efficient magnetic circuit, keeping the magnet weight to the minimum, without loss of performance making these magnets most suitable for attaching to the mobile cranes in the scrap yard. The magnet body is fabricated from high permeability low carbon steel for minimum leakage and maximum magnetic lifting & holding efficiency with utmost toughness. Heat treated fully annealed centre pole, integrated outer pole, terminal box, and extra heavy duty lifting lugs are parts of the magnet body.


Center Pole : This is cast from high permeability low carbon steel for minimum leakage and maximum lifting capacity.


Coil : The coil is of Copper or Aluminium material and is designed for 'H' class insulation. The coil is insulated from the body by high quality epoxy compound having excellent thermal properties so as to withstand high temperatures.


Magnet Chain : The standard 3 legged alloy steel chains for maximum safety and life with common bull ring has been designed to suit all normal duty loads as well as for extra heavy lifting such as slab handling is provided.


Duty Cycle : The permissible relative duty cycle is 70%/ 10 minutes i.e. 7 minutes ON and 3 minutes OFF in 10 minutes.


Erich Circular lifting magnets are available in 3 Models : Light Duty, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty and diameters from 400mm to 2200mm.


Magnet Accessories : Cable Reeling Drum: ERICH make spring operated CRD'S which find wide application in supplying power to the lifting magnets. The selection of the CRD'S depends on the magnet KW and height of lift. These CRD'S are provided with slip rings and carbon brush with holder of adequate rating.